Kintamani Restoran, Grand Puncaksari 2, Makan siang halal hanya Rp 65.000/orang Makan sepuasnya. All you can eat. tlp 08563776704, 081337766343 Pin BB 29d9a9d0(0=nol).

Makan siang halal di Kintamani restoran hanya Rp 65.000/orang. Makan sepuasnya. All you can eat. tlp   08563776704, 081337766343 Pin BB 29d9a9d0(0=nol).  Buffet Standard lunch

Served daily for a group and  an individual

Appetizer :

Mixed salad, Vegetables soup, Tomato soup, Bread

Main Courses :

Steamed  rice, Fried rice, Fried noodles, Cap cay (Chinese mixed vegetables ), Gado gado (Steam vegetables with peanut sauce ) or fried vegetables., Fu yung hai, Fried onion, vegetables tempura, Fried fish with sweet and sour sauce, Fried chicken with sweet and sour soy sauce/chicken curry, Beef stroganoff, Fried potatoes, Spring roll, Chicken satay with peanut sauce, Shrimp crackers

Desserts :

Fried banana/jack fruit, Black rice pudding/black sticky rice, Sticky rice with pumpkins, Fruit salad, Fresh banana, Tropical fruits

Drinks ;

Hot coffee + milk, Hot Tea